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Published May 1920

White Rotary Sewing Machine; Owner's Manual, Book 11; Ca. 5M 5-20. Manufactured by White Sewing Machine Company of Canada, Ltd., Guelph, Ontario, Canada; May 1920. Dimensions are: 8 1/2" width by 11" height; 28 pages. No copyright notice Public Domain as per Rule 5 of the United States Copyright Statutes. Etext created by Gerard Arthus.
Go to the above site to find out more about the digitization of this item and the on-going attempt to help make 'Knowledge' and 'Information' available to everyone, anywhere, at any time, for no cost. There are many forces at work which are attempting to turn 'Public Domain' information into a commodity which some can milk for a profit. This parasitic use of information which should be freely available for all to access is an Intellectual Crime and should not be tolerated.

Publisher Gerard Arthus
Year 1920
Pages 28
Language English
Book contributor Gerard Arthus
Collection arthusgerard; additional_collections


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